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Dancehall - All Levels

  • Vitalidad Movement Arts Center 116 Southeast Yamhill Street Portland, OR, 97217 United States (map)

Dancehall Description
Dancehall is was born from Reggae music in the 1980s, on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. Dancehall dance and movements are defined and referenced to a Jamaican cultural aesthetic, history, social, and socio-economic context. Dancehall as a genre, is open-ended and continues to grow as codified steps are constantly added to it. The principles of Dancehall dance include movement that is grounded, curvy, fluid and polyrhythmic. Within Dancehall there is also a spiritual component or "vibez" that is part and parcel to Dancehall dance experience that allows for the dancer to "elevate", or feel a higher vibration. 

There are different styles of Dancehall that relate to the era (80s, 90s, 2000s) and the bpm(beats per minute)of the music as Dancehall music gradually began to get faster as years went by. The styles are termed old school, mid school and new evolution (present day) Dancehall. Another style that is specific is the female style of Dancehall. My class will touch on all eras and styles of Dancehall.

Class held 6:30 pm on Wednesdays
Instructor: Alia Lux
rop-in rate is $15 per class, for package prices visit the Pricing tab on VMAC website

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