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Alia Lux Dance Bio

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Alia Lux grew up doing ballet, tap and jazz from the age of 5. living in the Bay Area, Ca, in her teens ALIA got to dive deep into her admiration and love for Latin dance. She spent a lot of time learning about Cuban culture and dance, and learned to dance Casino style (Cuban) salsa in San Francisco. It was also there she developed a connection and respect for AfroCuban/Orisa(Lukumi, Palo, dances of the orishas) dance and culture. She studied with Jose Francisco Barroso from Cuba, who serves his community as a Babalawo(priest and folklorist) and is the founder of the Obakoso Drum & Dance Ensemble in the Bay Area. 

Alia came to the PACIFIC NORTHWEST in 2005 when she moved to Portland, Oregon. She spent much time in the Salsa scene for many years in Portland. She also became part of the Obo Addy Legacy Project which was a project created by West African (Ghanaian) based dance company that connected African dance to the diaspora and beyond. In 2014 she performed in the DiaTribe showcase with the Obo Addy Legacy project. eventually she was invited to dance with the company Ase Dide, led by Donna Oefinger. Throughout the years she has had the opportunity to dance, train, and perform in Hip-Hop styles, Rio style Samba, Samba Reggae, AfroCuban, Haitian, and Brazilian dance along with bringing her long time passion to Portland, which is Dancehall.

Alia has been influenced by Jamaican AND AFRICAN culture since she was VERY YOUNG, being brought up as a rasta with diverse family roots and culture. she has been traveling back and forth between jamaica, ghana, and the usa for over 15 years. she naturally became drawn to Dancehall, a style of dance that was born in the streets of Jamaica. She has been immersed in not only the street culture of Dancehall, but has also trained with some of the best and most well known dancers of Jamaica (Kimiko Versatile, Latonya Stylez, Orville Xpressionz, boysie roses and so many more). She holds classes in Portland at Center Space, VISCOUNT DANCE STUDIO, AND Vitalidad movement art studio teaching all styles and eras of Dancehall (female, DHQ, oldschool,midschool, newschool).

In 2015 she created and started teaching "Dancehall Fit"! at the very popular dance cardio facility in Portland called PulsePDX. "Dancehall Fit!" combines Dancehall steps and flow with high intensity intervals of dancing, cardio, and fitness circuits. 

In the summer of 2016, while in Jamaica, Alia competed and performed in the World Reggae Dance Competition with the group called “D'Originals”. She also completed the Level 1 training and certification for the iconic “Stylish Moves” style of Dancehall that was created by the female dancehall pioneer and owner of Dance Jamaica academy, Latonya Stylez.

in the summer of 2017 Alia was awarded a Professional Development grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, Oregon to do an intensive training and dance collaboration with Orville Xpressionz and the Xpressionz Family in Kingston, Jamaica where she focused on the roots of dancehall. Orville Xpressionz is the artistic director for Theatre Xpressionz, the professional company that operates the popular dance group DANCE XPRESSIONZ and XPRESSIVE MOVES dance workshops. Orville is also the resident and chief judge for Jamaicas n°1 dance program Dancing Dynamite for 7 seasons. Orville Hall is iconic and has placed his name in the history books as being the person to have written the dancehall course for the college, the 1st in any institution in the caribbean.

Alia has invited and hosted dancers like Kimiko Versatile(Jamaica) and DHQ Moiika Stanley(Jamaica/LA) to come to the NW and teach workshops in Portland and seattle. her goal is to continue to help grow and build up the Dancehall scene in the Pacific Northwest, and create a platform for authentic Dancehall culture to be represented along with all dance and culture within the diaspora.