I wanted to tell you how much taking your classes has changed me. I was a trained dancer, I had a lot of trauma and pain associated with structured dance classes and it really took dance out of my life for a long time. I would say that your class has brought me back and healed me.
— Cara B.


Alia Lux has been immersed in, and influenced by Jamaican culture for the majority of her life. Always being a reggae/dancehall music lover, as well as her passion for dance, it was only natural that Alia would also dive into the dance culture of Dancehall.

Alia currently teaches weekly classes in Dancehall staying very true to the Jamaican culture and aesthetic. She is also available for private or group lessons, special events, and performances. For a more in depth bio of Alia please request with the contact form here.


calendar of class schedule and events below.

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Your classes have been the best movement therapy for me. Always bring me back into my body no matter what the day looks like. Thank you!
— MacKenzie
1:1 Private Dancehall Lesson

This is a great opportunity to start at the level at which you are most comfortable. I promise to provide a trusting and non judgmental exchange.

Here I can take you back to the basics of Dancehall where I break down the flow and grooves while also giving you the cultural context of the moves and how to use them to respond to Dancehall music.


Old school Dancehall- 80s to early 90s with elements of Ska/Skank/Reggea

Mid school Dancehall- 90s-to early 2000s

New school Dancehall- Everything current (last 10 to 15 years)

Female Style Dancehall- Dancehall that embodies the feminine energy of Dancehall (Brukout, DHQ)

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We are 3 female dancers with different backgrounds, coming together with 1 common passion for authentic Afro/Caribbean/Latin dance. Each 1 of us bringing our own cultural experiences and flavor. under the direction of alia lux.


ALIA LUX (see bio below)


Originally from the Bay Area, CA, Diana now lives and teaches in Portland, OR. While classically trained, she also keeps her latin roots alive and well. 
Diana's classes: 
DanceFit - Thursdays at 5:30p, Saturdays at 10:15a (Vitalidad Movement Art Center, PDX) 
Reggaeton - Tuesdays at 6:30p (Vitalidad Movement Art Center, PDX) 

Elisa james AKA lady omega

Elisa, aka "Lady Omega" started dancing at the age of three and performed and traveled with dance teams in her youth and teens. Her love of dance progressed to a love of singing and songwriting when she started performing her own original music and dance in 2002 with her internationally renown reggae group, Afro Omega.

In 2015, after taking a break from her band, she decided to return to her dance roots and share her love of Caribbean/Dancehall culture and dance, combining her background in Caribbean dance and culture with current training in dancehall styles.  Elisa has been steadily leading high intensity dance fitness classes as well as teen and adult dance classes for the last 3 years. You can find Elisa currently teaching dance classes in Eugene, OR at International fitness, Xcape Dance Academy, Flex Dance studios and Eugene Yoga.


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