A 5 Step Guide to staying in alignment with your health & wellness goals during the holidays


Everyone wants to be free to enjoy good food with friends and family without the feelings of self guilt, fatigue, or being completely derailed from our health, wellness, and fitness goals. This simple 5 step guide I created to help all of us who want to free up a bit, while also staying accountable and not derailing us from our optimum health and wellness status.


This is the key to it all! Incorporating periods of fasting (usually in the morning) and feasting (usually at night) can aid in detoxification, encourage fat burning, and improve immune function. Fasting anywhere from 12-16 hours within a 24 hour period has the affect on the body which creates production of the growth hormone and makes your fat burning furnace start to work overtime. Fasting also decreases your insulin levels, which ensures that you are burning body fat instead of storing it. An example of the intermittent fasting I do is I stop eating by 9pm and do not eat again until 12pm-1pm the next day. I do however drink water and unsweetened herbal teas during the fasting hours. I also recommend incorporating Ashwagandha, an adaptogen herb, with your intermittent fasting. Adaptogens are able to “adapt” to your bodies needs and help your hormones balance so you can feel more normal through the fasting period. This can be 1 of the most affective and easiest ways to avoid gaining during the holiday season and not feel guilty about that dessert and drinks you enjoyed.


If you have read my blog in the past you will know how much I adore WATER! In my blog post, THE MIRACLE THAT IS WATER I give some pointers about the amazing benefits our body gets from staying hydrated, but I did not even mention how staying hydrated helps combat weight gain. Water increases calorie burning, is necessary to burn fat, and helps to remove waste and toxins from the body. Water also can act as a natural appetite suppressant because when the stomach senses fullness it will transmit signals to the brain to not eat. We also sometimes tend to mistake thirst for hunger and often if we drink a big glass of water when we are craving a snack we can curb our unnecessary snacking.

These tips can help to increase your water intake:

  • drink at least one 8-ounce glass of water with each meal

  • carry a water in a reusable water bottle

  • drink extra water when exercising or during physical activity

  • keep a glass of water near the bed

  • eat more soups and liquid-rich meals, such as curries, stews, soups (TIS THE SEASON)


Make a daily routine of having a probiotic supplement with warm glass of lemon water and or apple cider vinegar 1st thing in the morning. This can be included during the fasting period. It will assist your system in digesting the food you are not used to always eating and help avoid the feeling of being bloated, which happens when eating a lot of different foods for the holidays. For an updated list of the best Probiotics on the market click here.


You can actually burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time with the right type of activity. The best way to conveniently do this is by incorporating HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that can be done from anywhere. A HIIT workout is a routine in which you give maximum effort at high intensity bursts, followed by a quick rest phase and repeat this interval. For example, a HIIT routine could consist of the following:

Warm up for a few minutes doing things like pretend jump rope, jumping jacks, and high kicks. Do something like the following for 1 min intervals and 30 seconds of rest:

1. Star jumps (jump with high energy burst into star position)

2. Mountain climbers (plank position, alternating knees to chest with high energy)

3. Burpees (jump with arms up and bring arms down and jump feet back into plank position and repeat)

Repeat these intervals 3 times. End with a few minutes of stretching and controlled breathing or some yoga. This will not only fire up your fat burning and metabolism but will also make you feel energized! For more ideas on workouts or if you need some extra help please let me know by sending me a message here.



My favorite step in this guide is this nightly tea time ritual. This has so many supportive digestive benefits but also serves as a self love practice or ritual where you create a moment to nourish yourself. You can add some mantras to each sip you take that can help calm your mind before bed. Choose an herbal tea that stimulates digestion and detoxification so that your system gets that extra support while you sleep. If you need some herbal tea ideas click here and send me an email and I will send over my herbal tea guide.

Finally try your best to have a balance of nourishing foods, but don’t be too hard on yourself for indulging a little bit.

Give thanks for landing here on my blog and receiving the information I am offering. May the rest of your 2018 be full of good health, enjoyment and light. Please subscribe below or stay connected here to hear about my 2019 Ayurvedic health coaching and fitness training programs and special offerings.

Peace & Wellness.