About Alia Lux


Your spirit and energy make a big difference and is so motivating, so I wanted to say thank you for sharing your joy with the rest of us.
-Kareen Curry

Alia Lux is very passionate about creating the life she wants to live and she wants to inspire others to do so as well. 

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Dancer / Instructor / Choroeographer


Alia has been a dancer for the majority of her life. She currently teaches ongoing Dancehall classes in Portland, OR. To learn more and see her class schedule click the link!

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fitness / personal training / health coaching


"An active and healthy lifestyle is like therapy."

Alia believes that an active lifestyle is a natural way to avoid sickness, disease and depression, as well as builds strength, stamina, mental clarity, and confidence. To her, it is like therapy. 


Alia is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She has studied nutritional healing for over a decade and loves sharing her knowledge and skills with people to become more in tune to their body as a temple. She works 1 on 1 with clients or in small groups.

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Are you interested to start working towards your healthy lifestyle goals with Alia's support? Click the link!